Choosing a Pocket Knife

bellointl Pocket Knife

If you are looking to buy a pocket knife, just as there are many different kitchen knives to choose from, so are there several different types of pocket knife to choose from. To help you decide which pocket knife would be best for you, The Blade Guru website has reviewed several of them and made recommendations for different ones for different situations. Of the choices you will come across are OTF knives, EDC knives and perhaps an assortment of others but all of them are classified as pocket knives.

Basically a knife classifies as a pocket knife is any knife that has a relatively short blade of about 4 inches and that blade is concealed when not in use, in the handle of the knife. The blade is not concealed so it can’t be seen as much as being concealed so that the blade is protected and also so that the blade cannot do any unintentional damage. As this makes a pocket knife safe and easy to carry, they have become very popular and that popularity continues to grow. When a pocket knife is also said to be an OTF knife, it means, as the initials state, that it is a blade that comes Out The Front of the handle in a parallel direction to the handle.

This means that the blade can more rapidly be deployed for an urgent situation but otherwise is similar to any other pocket knife. An EDC knife is again a pocket knife but in this case the initials stand for Every Day Carry and implies that the knife is an ideal knife to be carried everyday under any circumstances. The fact is though that any pocket knife could make that claim but as where most pocket knives have perhaps been designed for occasional use, the EDC knife has been designed more specifically for everyday use and so in most instances is stronger, tougher and more durable than most other pocket knives. An EDC knife is perhaps the type of pocket knife you should consider buying and carrying if you are sure that you will have use for it at least most days.

If you want a knife just to be available in case you ever have a need though, any pocket knife should be OK, once it is fairly strong and sharp. There are hundreds of uses a pocket knife can be useful for both at work or at home, on social occasions or just out in the street and so anyone that has one, I am sure would have found a use for it on multiple occasions. Of course though, if you are a woodsman or another type of outdoor person, as well as a pocket knife, you would probably want to consider having an additional knife, a larger knife, perhaps something like a survival knife but, even in the woods, a pocket knife can have many uses and so you should never leave it at home, no matter where you may be going.