Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are felt pads which have been specifically designed to protect both the furniture and the floor when moving furniture. Obviously these will be of great use if you happen to be relocating and therefore moving all your furniture, both out of your old home and into your new one, neither of which you would want to cause damage to. You can learn more about these felt, furniture pads from the official website but some of their features include being made from hard packed felt to ensure that they do not fray easily and a backing which has glue, waiting to be uncovered for attachment to the feet of any furniture or kitchen appliance you may want to move. These are of course especially useful if you have linoleum covering your floors as it is especially susceptible to damage by furniture movements. For that reason some of the pads have more specifically been designed for use when moving furniture over linoleum and as the pads come in a variety of sizes, any piece of furniture or kitchen appliance can have them placed on their feet. It is not only when we relocate that we want to move our furniture about, we also may want to move it just to give our home a new look or of course we may want to move, especially during spring cleaning, in order to clean underneath it. As these pads are designed to last, they can remain on the feet of the furniture all the time, making many of our cleaning chores far easier as well as being ready in case we have to relocate. Other uses have been found for these felt pads and as most are not as rough or arduous as their intended use, they are ideal for these other tasks too. One of the things the felt pads are used for is to cushion smaller kitchen appliances, ensuring they do not cause damage to counter tops or table tops. If the pads are places under a laptop, as the laptop will be lifted, air can freely flow all around it, keeping it cooler and therefore more reliable. Pads have also been attached to doors, either on wardrobes or cupboards to ensure that they do not noisily slam closed. It is perhaps amazing how many uses such simple and small things can be used for and considering that they can save you money on repair bills for your floor, they are a very financially sound, small investment for both saving money and avoiding needless stress, especially if relocating. The peace of mind of knowing that your floors will not be damaged in any way whilst moving is alone plenty of reason to buy and use these furniture pads but when you add to that the ease with which the furniture can be moved when the pads are in place, make them a must buy for anyone considering relocating but also a convenient buy just before the annual spring clean.