Machines for Clinching

bellointl Machines for Clinching

Most of the machines used for clinching today have been made by the Jurado Tools Company as they are the company which patented the clinching process. Jurado have now developed a number of different clinching machines so that there is one available for most instances and circumstances. The process is starting to be adopted by the auto industry and has already been adopted by the manufacturers of kitchen appliances. It has also been adopted by many engineering companies and has proven to be of great benefit to the gas and oil industries as clinching is impervious to weather and is not affected by most known chemicals. The aerospace industry is only waiting for the results of some further tests they carried out on the process before they too adopt it for use in their industry. The medical industry is already using it but is so impressed with its results that they have started research into finding even more uses they can use the process for. This process is perhaps a major breakthrough for the manufacturing and engineering industries as it allows two or more sheets of metal to be joined without the use of welding, screws or rivets. With the obvious health and safety concerns with welding, a process, like clinching, that uses no heat or fire relates to a saving in health and safety costs and whilst clinching requires fewer inspections than riveting, it can also result in lower quality assurance costs. The process uses a machine which some have compared to pliers, to exert pressure via a die to the sheets of metal to be joined, forcing a ‘button’ to be created between them and this button securely joins the metals together as solidly as any welding or rivets could. As mentioned there are now many different clinching machines available and one of them is a machine which is meant to be static for use on large jobs. Another machine is maneuverable and so can be used in multiple locations. One machine is available for use in tight working areas and yet another combines many of these qualities. There are machines which can be used to join sheets of metal that have irregular shapes and of most interest to the oil and gas industries are the clinching machines which have been designed to join sheets of curved metals such as pipes or ducts. The gas and oil industries use lots of pipeline that run across several different countries but in the past, where these pipes join have been susceptible to the weather conditions in that country but as clinching is unaffected by the weather, these pipelines will need less maintenance. There are probably more uses for this process than have currently been found but the Jurado Tools Company have now joined forces with an Italian University to do research into finding other uses for the process. If their research is successful, Jurado will probably patent new tools and equipment for use in those other uses.

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