Gift Options for Men

When it comes to buying a gift for a man, there are so many different things and ideas to choose from that many people have trouble deciding just what to buy. If you are one of those people that can spend hours trying to decide what would be both appropriate and appreciated, you can cut that search time down to minutes by visiting This is the official website for Bullets2Bandages a company that specializes in gifts for men and so all of their gifts displayed on the website will be appropriate for men and most will be greatly appreciated too.

All the gifts are masculine in nature as they are either made from or designed to look like they were made from military ammunition of one type or another and they will be appreciated as they will become talking points for years to come, anytime one of the gifts is produced. For instance, one of the more popular gifts is a bottle opener made from a spent 50mm cartridge. It is small enough to be easily carried in the pocket and it could create a talking point any time it is removed from the pocket to open a bottle of beer among friends. If they are not a particular beer type person, perhaps some shot glasses would be more appropriate and those too will become a talking point when offered to a friend.

A particularly good thing about all of these gifts is the fact that they can be uniquely personalized perhaps with a name, date and an event, serving as reminders as to when the gift was given, by whom it was given and the occasion on which it was given, all of which could add to the talking point and become a well cherished gift of the recipient.

The company was founded by 2 veterans and so they pay respect to their fellow veterans by donating a percentage of the profits that they receive from you buying the gifts, to veteran’s organization. This means that buying one of their items as a gift for someone; you too are showing respect to veterans and helping them, even if it is just in a small way. Any gift regardless of how little is always appreciated by the veteran’s organizations and so by buying one of these items, the gift will be appreciated by both the recipient and the veterans, a double gift for the price of one.

Many people respect veterans and some bars even do and so for those bars, in order for them to show their respect, the company has made some special items for use in bars and a percentage of those sales also go to a veteran’s organization. Some of the items a bar may be interested in are pint glasses, beer trays, coasters, beer pump handles, all of which can be personalized with the name of the bar or whatever else the bar owner may wish, with date if requested.

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