The Replacing of Windows

bellointl replacing windows

The replacing of windows in a house has become a quite common occurrence especially with those people that own houses which were built before the 1960s. The 1960 are significant because that was the time when the first double paned windows started to appear. Prior to the 60s then, most people fitted windows that looked appropriate for their house, with no regard as to how efficient they were at saving heating costs. Today of course, most people are very aware of how expensive heating can be and so choose windows that will make the most savings on their heating bills. Paying more than you perhaps have to is a costly business; so much so that people are investing as much as $12,000 to buy replacement windows that are more energy efficient. Having paid that much money of course, they expect to get it back in the savings they make on their heating bills and, providing the windows have been installed correctly, they should do over just a few years as the savings made can be as much as $500 each year. Those people that don’t make those savings have probably had their windows installed incorrectly and one of the signs that will confirm that is if there is condensation between the different panes.

One of the reasons why the windows may have been installed incorrectly is because the home owner was a DIY enthusiast and thought that they could do the job themselves, unaided. Another, perhaps more common reason is because the contractor chosen to do the installation was inexperienced. A recent study carried out in Wisconsin, showed that 67% of contractors claiming to be able to replace windows, were either unqualified or if they were, did not have the appropriate insurance to take on the task. Window Replacement in Milwaukee, since the report, is something that has been taken more seriously by home owners who are now taking great care in just which contractor they choose to replace their windows. If a contractor is a true professional in installing windows, they should be licenced and have appropriate insurance but apart from that, many Milwaukee residents are also searching for reviews of the different contractors work before hiring. Although the study was carried out in Wisconsin, there is no reason to believe that the results would not have been the same regardless of which state the study was carried out in and so everybody should take care in who they hire to do the work as $12,000 is a lot to spend if no results are going to be seen.

Some people, although they may own a house that was built prior to the 1960s, may opt to keep their same windows as it is often the windows that define a house’s character and so by replacing them, the loses any character that it may have had, especially if those windows were stained glass and thereby cause the house to lose some of its value along with the old windows.

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